Western Hydrovac, Inc.

We provide dependable and reliable service. We are located in Big Piney, Wyoming, but we will go anywhere within Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.


Kevin Hughes - Owner/Operator

Big Piney, WY 83113

(307) 276-3432 Office

(307) 260-6982 Cell

(307) 276-3951 Fax

Cleaning Services Provided

  1. -Tank Cleanouts (Drilling, Workover, and Flowback Tanks)

  2. -Flat and Round Tank cleanouts

  3. -Tanker cleanouts

  4. -Spill cleanups

Diggin Services Provided

  1. -Safe non destructive excavation

  2. -Locating underground utilities (Fiber optics, gas lines, etc.)

  3. -Potholing (Visual confirmation of underground lines)

  4. -Slot Trenching

  5. -Pole Holes (power, fence, sonotube, etc.)

Hydrovac Consulting

  1. -Owner with over 13 year of experience can help streamline any scale Hydrovac project and provide a dependable service.  We also have an excellent safety record, and will travel.  Call the office number below for a current rate sheet, discounts available for major projects.  We will be happy to help with any Hydrovac needs.

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